About This Weird and Slightly (Hopefully) Wonderful Site!


I see you have somehow stumbled across my horribly underdeveloped blog (it’s a working progress).
Let me begin by saying…wow, a person…on my blog? Other than myself, that is. Anyway, moving on, this blog is mainly dedicated to movies (movies, I say), but may occasionally include pure randomness and anything I might find slightly interesting. Hopefully you’ll think my ideas of ‘interesting’ are actually worth reading. Speaking my myself, I’m the blogger, just your average psychopathic villain blogger who wants to share her thoughts with the world, even though the world may not care.

Hm, so, to your right, somewhere over there…—>
…there are page links, as you will see, which you can click on to explore.
Alright, there’ll be more than just one or two eventually. As I said, working progress!
Once you find your way around you might stumble on more of my sleep-deprived, nonsensical ramblings which you can read for your own entertainment of convincing yourself I am crazy.

Anyway, toodles, enjoy!


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