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Quick review ~ Inception

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Recently I forced myself to sit down and endure the somewhat painful beginning of Christopher Nolan’s film, Inception, featuring a wide cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page and Ken Watanabe.
I had previously attempted this once before, but was soon bored by the film’s dreary, uninteresting start. This time, however, I watched the whole way through. Here’s what I have to say about it.

Though the beginning, for me, was a little tedious, the film picked up after a while and became somewhat tolerable and eventually I was drawn into the story as more characters were introduced.
It was clear that Nolan knew what he was doing, he is a brilliant director, though I couldn’t help but feel he was trying to smother the plot with various backstories and, most importantly, the idea of dreams within dreams…within dreams. Yes, I’ve heard that this is a clever, thought-provoking film, and it definitely is rather clever, but thought-provoking? Not really. There’s not exactly much to think about other than try and get the story straight once it begins to lose itself in its own webs.
With that little bit of negativity aside, I must say the acting was extremely well done, nothing to complain about there, and the music fit perfectly with its associated scenes.
Everything was properly resolved and the ending wasn’t particularly great but it was satisfactory.

All in all, Inception is a clever little piece of entertainment with a few negative points such as a slow begining, a few befuddling scenarios and a slightly wavering plot, but in the end you do feel satisfied how everything has played out. I don’t think this is Nolan’s best work, but then I don’t think he could ever really disappoint us!

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