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PET PEEVES #1 ~ Stating the Obvious

Posted in Pet Peeves, Random, Unrelated to film with tags , , , , , on October 11, 2011 by coronoides

Have you ever been in a conversation or overheard people talking when suddenly, o dear, one of them states the most obvious thing they could’ve said, like, “Yes, I got stuck out in the rain for over an hour and when I finally got home I was all wet!”
Yes, that.
I don’t know if it’s just me or not but that actually really gets to me. I mean sure, sometimes people jokingly state the obvious but when they’re actually speaking seriously, you kind of have to wonder if they realise how obvious what they’ve just said was.

What’s even worse than your average person saying something ridiculously clear that even a three year old child could understand is when a seemingly clever person does this, a fine example being the other day. See, I’d sat down and was listening somewhat unattentively to the radio when I heard something along the lines of…
‘…indeed, and many scientists believe that some 10 000 years ago, people ran barefoot, and that it is better for you than running with shoes…’
No I’m not bagging out scientists, in fact I’m not really bagging anyone out, I’m just saying that it could’ve been worded a little more professionally…a little less…obviously. Maybe if they’d thrown in some better words they could’ve pulled it off like if they’d worded it like this:
‘…indeed, and many studiers of scientific research have speculated that a species included in the ‘Homo genus’, the Homo Sapien, may not have been clad in fitted foot garments some 10 000 years ago as it would appear that lacking the footwear would prove to be physically advanteous…’
Still stating the obvious but with style, I must say!

The point is, stating what’s already clear can be quite the annoyance at times, so try not to do it! ;D

If you have any other examples or have overheard somebody saying something ridiculously obvious, feel free to post! =)

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